Interior design trends that every designer should know about

Interior design is one field where new trends are always �just around the corner’ and before you adopt one style, it’s already out of style! Yet, as an interior designer, it is essential that you are always at the top of things happening in this industry. Getting to the point, the current trends are an interesting mix of deep colours, metallic and textures to create contemporary and inviting interiors. Softening the look by using leafy plants gives interiors an easy yet luxurious look.

If you are an interior designer looking for the latest in the industry, here’s what’s trending:

Deep colours
Pastel shades � especially rose quartz and rose pink are still around, but stronger colours and deeper shades are making a comeback. Well, earthy tones are becoming popular again. After a few years of grey as the base shade, this seems to be a welcome trend. Other colours that are trending are gem colours such as sapphire blue, emerald green, deep turquoise, ruby red and either orange or yellow are set against stone, sand, cinnamon and rich chestnut.

Black and other charcoal accessories could be used to give a graphic drama to the interiors. The classic black and white combination is back and still has the power to attract just enough attention to the area it is used in!

Earthy textures
Textured walls and tiles are back � after a year or two of flat colours. Anything earthy has the power to add warmth to the design and combining it with contemporary colours is a great idea.

The luxurious touch
Metallic’ have always had a great impact on designs � making them look luxurious. Adding some warm metallic accessories is a great way to give any home a luxurious look. Luxurious looks are back in demand, so while designing, make sure you use soft textures, velvet couches and fur rugs.

Botanical inspiration
Potted plants have always added a charm to the designs and they are still among the trending design trends. So, never hesitate to use plants to an interior design. Place them where they create an impact. Remember that indoor plants need to be selected with care and do your research – before you select one.

Geometric patterns
Right � geometric patterns are back! They are still the most popular designs for carpets, rugs, scatters and vases. Especially circular designs are gaining a lot of popularity.

Well, interior designs need to look �in’ for as long as possible. Being on the top of the trends allows you to select the best design elements for your clients � something that will not expire soon. If a colour or a trend looks like it’s not long term, you can use it on something that is easily replaceable!
It is highly essential that you understand and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world of interior designs so as to provide your clients with the latest, greatest and the most modern designs!

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